Suburban Apartment Or Condo Neighborhoods Deal Features For Families

Living in apartments with children has always been a tricky endeavor. One of the major reasons for that is space. Parents looking to rent were generally forced into the position of renting houses or duplexes from private landlords, and the only ones who were able to get away with living in apartment complexes were single parents with one or two children. On top of that, some landlords seemed wary about renting to single parents with small children, and while this sort of discrimination is technically illegal, single parents did not necessarily make the top of their list in terms of preferred renters, either.

But after the housing bubble of 2008, a number of families found themselves once again entering the renter’s market, and this created an opportunity for developers in Andover to create apartments that catered to young families. Thus the “apartment home” was born, a dwelling space that would be well suited for a young couple who had two or fewer children. In crafting a renting experience that was a good fit for families, developers worked on featuring amenities that catered to family life. They also saw it as an opportunity to create a sense of community in the apartment complex as a whole.

While urban apartment complexes come with amenities that were right for urban singles, like courtyards, recreation rooms, and media rooms, family oriented apartment buildings focus on amenities like dog parks, playgrounds, and community pools. They also tend to have fitness centers for adults.

“We wanted to give renting families more of a choice,” says one Andover developer. “There weren’t a lot of rental options that catered to families, and these developments grew out her comment is here of a need that saw more families entering the renter’s market. We saw an opportunity there, and we decided to take it.”

For residents, apartment homes that are geared toward families come as a welcome relief.

“We have a lot more time to spend with our children, which is the best part about it,” says one resident of an apartment home complex. “We don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, or dealing with the plumbing if something goes wrong, and there are other families around too, so this works really well for us.”

For those that aren’t interested in buying a house, apartment homes that cater to families are a very attractive option.

“We have two children and my husband and I share a bedroom, and the kids share a bedroom. The layout is very homelike. There’s a separate kitchen, dining area, and bedrooms,” she said. “Our apartment complex has a barbecue area where we get together for potlucks with the other neighbors, and there’s a playground and pool area for the kids. Buying a house really isn’t a priority for us.”

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